Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Overwhelmed with Life - What a crappy week...

No one to talk to on the phone, so I figured I'd puke up my vent here :)

Training is going OK. I started with Team Marsh August 1st, but got sick and attempted to half ass workouts, but missed some. Adrian had two weekends of Xterra races, and I preferred to support him rather than get my training in. Started fresh this week, and I've enjoyed it.

I can't ever seem to balance work and training. If I'm doing awesome with training, work suffers. If I'm doing awesome with work, training suffers. I can't find a balance, and I'm starting to think that doing well at both is near impossible.

This week in review:

Monday: Started out OK, overwhelmed with work and procrastinated on some pretty important things and it all caught up to me this week. Got my workout in, got a ton done at work, but still pretty stressed about the week to come.

Tuesday: I thought this was my worst day. Found out my car would 99% be totalled. I won't find out for sure until Thursday. Good, but bad. Good, because I know I need a newer vehicle, bad because I highly doubt my car is worth enough to get another vehicle without a car payment. I made it to the Run Far TT, and really thought I pushed a ton harder than two weeks ago, but was 6 seconds slower. I HATE, DESPISE being slow on the bike. It's what brings me to tears when it comes to training. I never get emotional or think I can't do anything when it comes to swimming or running, but put me on the bike and it's a 50/50 chance. Also, attempted to register for the Austin Tri, and it filled up on Monday. My luck and it put the nail in the coffin to a stressful day at work & disappointing training day.

Wednesday: I woke up, updated the Facebook with "happy, happy day!" and it ended up being worse. Had to meet with my two bosses on separate occasions for a chewing out session. I'm not going to lie that I have an AWFUL habit of procrastinating and putting things off until they become fires, but I'm also not the person to stand up for myself and argue back. I just sit there and take it, and let it eat me up. I hate it that I'm so emotional. Simple meeting of what needs to get done, what I need to do to get things done (asking for help, delegating, two things I'm AWFUL at), shed some tears, and swallowed everything that was said. I got a cheeseburger with fries for lunch, cause I'm a stress eater, and thankfully the meeting with both bosses followed as soon as I took my first bite, and when I got back, I had lost my appetite. I would say I'm 60% at fault, but anyways it just wasn't a good day at work. Completely overwhelmed and the only answer I can come to, is that I need to work more hours to get it done. More hours at work means missed training... go figure.

Thursday: Better be damn better than the first three days.

Done venting, ready to wake up and have a better day.. it's got to get better :) And in all this, I remind myself that it's just a job. Training is training, and I'm healthy, I'm employed, and I have wonderful friends surrounding me... all of whom won't answer their phones so I can vent!!! ROFL!

Here's to tomorrow being a kick ass day :)
To close this blog... Here's my favorite picture of Abare to make me smile. For Adrian's birthday present, I paid Josh Baker to take some REAL photos of the boys. You can see the rest on our Flickr page. Something about unconditional love and a pink tongue makes all the worries and stresses go away for a few minutes...

Thursday, August 6, 2009


The heat is getting to us all. I took the boys to Bull Creek this weekend and my poor B was hot. The boys get to take a walk onthe trails DAILY :)

Team Marsh :)

I'm excited to announce, I'm now part of Team Marsh :) I had discussed this with Adrian, and before I always thought that I couldn't train by myself. I need people to talk to, socialize with etc. After T3, which I did enjoy, I realized I did 98.5% of my training on my own anyways because I couldn't keep up with anyone. I started taking the bus to work, so trying to make it down south for workouts was near impossible now. The whole purpose of taking the bus was to minimize the driving of my super old car, so driving south after getting home from a bus trip seemed like it was defeating my purpose.

I went ahead and joined Amy's swim class to first try it out. Love, love, love it! I enjoyed the T3 swim class, but Amy's are so much cooler for me, personally. She stands at the end of each lane, calculates your times, watchs how you progress and actually takes the time to notice what you're actually doing. She does this with everyone in her class. I've learned new things, and it's just an added bonus that I get to swim next to Adrian. I've made some friends that push me, and it's consistent with each class. After a couple weeks, I got antsy. I was doing some running here and there, but neglecting the bike during the week. I went ahead and on a leap of faith I emailed Amy to see if she had any available spots to coach me. She did :)

I started August 1st, and I'm having a great time. It's obviously super early and we're still trying to figure out paces and stuff, but I'm now accountable to someone. And not just anyone, a super cool professional triathlete. If I don't get up to get a workout in, then I must not want it bad enough. She's convinced me to do some workouts before I come to work, which means waking up at 5am to run, whereas before I'd frown and say, "I'm not a morning person and I don't do workouts before I go to work." I tried it, and although I was tired later, it was pretty nice running in the dark, with no cars bustling by and just having my thoughts to myself. I've been on my bike 3 times already, and she's incorporated speed and hills into my bike regime :)

I can't wait to see the results. I'm more excited now about training for CdA 2010 than I ever was before. I am on a mission, and that mission is to finish the damn Ironman before the sun goes down. No more glowsticks for this girl!!!

If anyone else is interested, Brandon and Amy still have more available slots open if you'd like to change things up a bit and get some personalized coaching :)