Friday, November 28, 2008

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Turkey Day!!

Tuesday: I ran 5.5 miles, thinking I was running 7-9, my bad!
Wednesday: Met the girls for our weekly run. Good stuff, lots to catch up on and TONS of BIG DOG sightings!! Lori's house renovations are going awesomely!! Little over 6 miles in. Calf causing some problems, I rolled that night.
Thursday: Jon & Kate plus 8 told me to not run... so I laid in bed with the boyfriend and we were total slackers...
Friday: planning to go for a short run to make up for my laziness yesterday and sweat out some of this cheesecake!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm an aunt!!

My sister had her baby yesterday, Alexis Michelle Bell. Not sure on the spelling, but she's a beauty. 8 lbs, 1 oz. She looks just like my sister when she was born.. funny how that happens.

Welcome to the world, Alexis!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Office Hours

I went to Sisson's office hours and got a good earful. I learned that I have a long road ahead of me in order to get to where I want to be with my running. After California, I'm planning on doing the training for the Ironman in Couer d'Alene. I've been going back and forth in the last few weeks about if I really wanted to do this. I'm finally becoming the runner I never thought I could be, and seeing this improvement has been a mental mess when it comes to triathlons. I don't want to miss out on Team Rogue Boston.

Dee told me to make a pro's and con's list last night. I made one this morning and it helped. In order to get my running to where I want it, 6 months of training and putting in the time to the Ironman will be one of my steps. I need to lose 10-15 pounds, and this will do it. I need to quit failing with my eating habits and truly commit to Meredith and making the right food choices. I desperately need to get some major hours in the saddle if I'm going to attempt to do 112 miles. In a running perspective, I can't run a mile without walking and I'm attempting a marathon. I hate the bike, and I have 6 months to learn to love it.

Sisson told me some other pyschological things I need to work on, but they are going to take time. I'm 31, and just now realizing I haven't found me yet. Hard, hard work ahead, but I'm up for it!!!

Ironman, here I come, then Boston here I come, then 3:30, 3:20, 3:15... Sisson said I could get as fast as 3:00 if I put in the hard work. Seems impossible now, but never in a million years (2004 when I ran 4:57) did I ever think running a 3:56 would have been something I know I can crush. Speed is relative to the time and effort put into the training.

I can do this!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Recovery Ride and quality time with the boyfriend

Adrian needed to do his long run and he thought that me riding next to him on my bike would be a good idea and good motivator for him to do the full mileage and for me to spin my legs out. Adrian and I don't workout together, because I can't keep up in any of the disciplines. He swims too fast for me, he's WAY too fast on the bike, and he's a way faster runner...

This was perfect. The bike was nice and easy for me, and the funny thing was that when we hit any type of incline, it actually took hard effort for me to keep up with him on the hills :) A little over 1:30 for him to run his 15 miles and I got to do a little recovery ride. I still hate the bike...

Good day, just wish tomorrow weren't Monday....

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Soulbuster III

Time: 5:50am
Location: Runtex Gateway
Weather: Cold, but not windy
People: Mainly Dee :)
Comments: I was really looking forward to the workout, but for some reason as I got to Runtex, I was nervous. I think I have some issues when it comes to the marathon approaching. All through the program, I've talked big and felt confident, but two weeks out the mental games are driving me crazy. I'm not sure if it's because of the huge PR, or the high marathon goal I originally started out with, or what?? But whatever it is, today was a huge lesson in figuring it out.

Warm up to the track, 1 mile all out and I could tell right off I wasn't going "all out" I was pushed, but I wasn't feeling like I was pushing, the way I did at SB I. Lap 1, Lap 2, then Lap 3, the Fasties passed and I had a "what the hell am I doing??" I pushed, and then the last lap I tried to push all out, but it was too late. 7:23, my first SB was a 7:11. Too slow, hmpf. Cool down to North Hills.

Sisson was at the water stop and we had a heart to heart. He gave me a new mantra and basically told me to get my head out of my ass. I need to work through whatever it is that I'm struggling with, come to the realization that I've done the hardwork and I can do it. I need to quit pussy footing around the fact that I CAN DO IT!!! I need to get it through my head that I'm healthy, non-injured, only have minor tweaks and I can do this. The 10 miles at MGP were up and down for me. One minute I felt like this was a piece of cake, then I felt like I was having to work too hard, then back to feeling good.

Here are my splits... goal pace for 3:56 marathon, 9:00 flat
1) 9:09
2) 8:57
3) 8:47
4) 8:54
5) 9:17
6) 9:20 - I don't think my Garmin stopped, this was a Sisson water stop
7) 9:11
8) 9:12
9) 9:10
10 ) 9:04
11) 12:09 - can you tell the MGP is over :) Legs felt heavy, and we took a wrong turn, and had to back track
12) 12:56
13) 11:27
14) 11:38
15) 11:26
16) 11:24
17) 10:42
18) 10:48
19) 10:16

We also did 1.6 warm up, 1 on the track and 1 to North Hills.

The hills after MGP were bad. I couldn't get my legs to move, couldn't get my breathing down and it was a great mental exercise for me. I kept repeating to myself "Peaks and Valleys, Peaks and Valleys" For every valley, I'm going to have a peak.

I'm sad that today was our last "long" run. I'm going to genuinely miss this program. I'm planning on doing Team Rogue Boston, and hope that many others on the Team will continue. One more Saturday run and it's off to California :) Good day...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Speed plus Sisson = Great workout!

Time: 5:30pm
Location: Rogue Equipment
Weather: Freaking windy as heck, and cold.
Workout: warm up to 1 mile loop, 6 x 1 mile at 10k, cool down back to store.
Comments: It was pretty chilly and the wind was brutal. Ruth had a Coaches meeting, so we had Sisson as our coach. Neat stuff!! Although, I found myself being "good" instead of the "yip yapping telling on Dee" self that I normally am. Keeping this short, have too much work to do.
10k mile for a 3:56 marathon (I switched again) is an 8:05
1) 7:59
2) 7:50
3) 8:00
4) 8:01
5) 8:15
6) 8:11

Sisson said to not get too disappointed if our splits were off because of the wind... and on the last two I slowed down because of the wind AND I think I went out too fast in my beginning splits and was just getting tired. Super happy that I pulled this workout off, I was nervous about it when I read the workout. Also, it's crazy to think I ran the IBM 10k this fast without recovery. Good stuff.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

5 miles with the ladies :)

Time: 5:45pm
Location: Burnet Road
Weather: Nice
Workout: 5 miles easy
Comments: I got talked into going to a happy hour for work, argh. I normally get off at 4:30 which gives me plenty of time to miss all the big traffic and get to our meeting place around 5pm. I told my boss I'd go from 4:30 to 5pm, and so I waited, and waited and waited... ARGH!!! At 5pm, she said I didn't have to go. UGH! So now I'm in traffic and it took me a good 30-45 minutes to get there. We started the run and it was already dusk. We missed a turn, but made it up. I tripped, but thankfully caught myself. Good run. The pace felt nice and steady, but when we looked at the Garmin, showed pretty slow. Oh well, easy run in! 5 miles down and 2 weeks and 3 days to go till CIM!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Follow up

Short and sweet to get caught up.

Sunday: Amazing time in San Antonio with Dee. We caught up with Sisson at mile 9 and followed him around San Antonio. Thank goodness, because we would have been lost souls. We were able to cheer for Kristen, Ramon, Cheryl, Larry, Karen, Andi, Jim, and Angie. Great, great time. Super inspiring to see Kristen do negative splits and Cheryl pull off her superwoman. Incredible stuff. I could have easily slept in and found myself pretty tired by the time I got back home. Thanks Dee for driving, even if you drive like a bat out of hell.

Got home to the boyfriend that had been in bed all morning, which is SO not like him. No time for me to nap. We went for a walk with the boys that took 2.5 hours on Kenny's trail. Beautiful stuff. Although, there were two points that I freaked out. The first one, we had to climb up this wall, and I thought I got stuck. Not too bad. 2nd one was a major freak out. Anyone close knows I'm terrified of heights. There was a section on the trail where you had to walk along side a drop off. Our two boys walked across fine, Adrian walked across fine, but I slowly kept stooping down clinging to the side. It was probably two feet across, but it was slanted. The edge was a CLIFF. I'm probably being dramatic, but I was freaking out. I was stooped all the way down, clinging to the side. We were there for about 15 minutes as Adrian tried to sweet talk me across. I even started crying. I'm a wuss, a very big wuss. Thankfully, I made it across, and the rest of the walk/hike was nice. I think it was too much for my legs, the day after running close to 29 miles, but it was nice to end a Sunday.

Monday - OFF, went home and was in bed before 8pm and slept through the night.

Tuesday - went to office hours, good stuff. Finally figured out my race plan, but still think it needs some tweaking. Was home by 9pm and went directly to bed. No tv, no nothing.

All caught up :) A little over 2 weeks away... craziness.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Longest run of my life :) 28.74

Time: 5am
Location: Rogue Equipment and all of Austin
People: Team Rogue, ran with Dee and Clemmie
Workout: 27 miles
Weather: Cold and WINDY!
Comments: I got to Rogue early, rolled my calves out as much as I could handle the pain. Got to catch up with a few of the Northies that have disappeared over the last few weeks. Was able to join Kamran in his hip hopping rolling party, gave the Fasties a hard time for not wearing their short shorts and give Mike a hard time for having everything from the kitchen sink on his fuel belt.

Run started and the chatter began. We hate running on the trail when it's dark, because we are already the caboose of Team Rogue and not being able to see the ground slows us down even more. We hoped up on the roads and around mile 2, I made a pit stop at the first port o potty. Hills seem to slow us down, and later realized that it was the howling wind blowing us backwards. Miles clicked by, the pace was ungodly slow, but based on effort, it felt comfortable. I decided to ignore the Garmin for pace and just use it for miles run. Conversation was interesting, but the stops were multiple. I stopped again at mile 6 and Clemmie confessed to drinking a quart of water in the middle of the night and she had to stop several times to go.

At Pecos, we all took a wrong turn thinking we knew where we were and where were going, and added miles.

Shoal Creek was ok, but the wind gusts were brutal. Dee's foot starting bothering her with the multiple stops, so she turned around just short of 183, and Clemmie and I continued. We picked up the pace after Dee left us, not because she left, but because the wind was now at our backs. Every time I looked at my Garmin it showed 9:xx, which was nice.

Splits were:
.74 miles - 7:03

Gonna keep this short, but this is the longest I've ever run. Adrian made me a bottle of Perpetuem to last for 4 1/2 hours, and I think it worked. I'm not sure if it was mostly mental, but I felt great at the end. Feet were tired, but the legs were moving. My fastest mile was mile 25. 26, Clemmie had a potty stop, and I think my Garmin timed it, but we were in the 9:xx's for the latter part of the run which is a nice confidence booster.

Next weekend, I'm going to work on running with my bottle again, not stopping and run at faster paces. Good day!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

10 miles easy with some tempo

Time: 5:30pm
Location: Rogue Equipment
Weather: Perfect
People: Dee, Clemmie, and I
Route: Big 10 mile circle through Austin
Comments: I'm tired, so keeping this short. Run was nice, calves felt tight, but it was my fault. I got stuck at work till the last minute and didn't have a chance to roll. We pushed the pace here and there, but with traffic, the darkness, it was hard to do 4 miles at tempo. Great conversation, good run. 10 miles down :)

5 mile Cookie Run

Dee, Lori, Linda and I met for our usual Wednesday gal run. Lori changed my original 5 mile run and it was nice. Not as many twists and turns, not as many stops wondering where my trip ticket was wrong and not as many Lori's yelling, "Aww, lawdy Foho!" It was fun though.

So we're running along... and BAM! Lori blows me a kiss, two kisses actually. First one was louder, I mean harder than the second. Then out of nowhere, BFDee sees the biggest, baddest, dog she's ever seen in all her life. OMG! I couldn't not stop laughing and yelling. And there she was... running like the dog was a chihuahua, when in fact it was the like that children's book, The Big Red Dog walked through Austin.

Good times, I love these gals... 5 miles and tons of laughs.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Time: 5:30pm
Location: Eastside Track
People: Dee, Clemmie, Ruth, Tim, and Mandi
Weather: Muggy and cool
Workout: 4 x 2000m at 15k pace
Comments: I made this entire post it note for my workout with a breakdown of my 100m, 400m, 1600m, and 2000m splits and left it on my desk at work. Argh. I also left my watch at home. I really need to get into race mode and start being better prepared. I'm really bad about planning for stuff when it comes to my running. Over the last few weeks, I've let my nutrition go down the drain and along with it I think I'm battling mental demons regarding my MGP.

We set out for the track, and without knowing my splits, I had to go off my memory. I remember the 100 were :30, the 200 were 1:01, and then I thought the 400's were 2:05, which was wrong. So we did the entire workout using that. Our four splits for the 2000's were

1) 10:25 - right on according to our wrong calculation
2) 10:10 - we thought was way too fast, but it was actually :01 slow for what our real pace should have been.
3) 10:21
4) 10:30

10:09 is what we should have been shooting for, but in all honesty, I don't think I could have gone any faster.

This was the hardest track workout by far this year. I'm not sure why. I wore my new Team Rogue outfit to try it out, and felt like Ms. Chubbers. I've gained a few pounds and it could be water weight, but I felt fat. Even Meredith has sent me a few nice and "get off your ass and do what I'm telling you" emails that I 110% needed.

So I went to the grocery store on Monday and got the right foods to eat. Adrian is going to his first meeting next week, so I'm really excited to see what she has in store for him. I would also like to plan a shopping trip to the grocery store with Meredith after the holidays. I still have no clue what I'm supposed to buy. Jelly for instance, I have no clue.

Anywho, the building I work in is having a tamale party. They're catering Pappasittos for the ENTIRE BUILDING!! I woke up, made a healthy breakfast, ate before I left the house (miracle and Meredith would be so proud) packed a lunch full of fruit and veggies and then I remembered this. Sooo, in order to curb the temptation, I've been needing to go to Dr. Fluitt for my calves for the past two weeks. I made an appt during lunch. I'll eat the sandwich I made for lunch on my way, snack on carrots and not be here while everyone is gorging on beans, rice, fajitas, and tamales.

I still have 3 weeks to get my ass in gear, and I've put too much hardwork to let it slip away in the last 3 weeks. No more eating bad. I had some sugary, delicious candy at my desk that I was snacking on all week, threw it away. I've been back to drinking sodas, no more. Water, water, water... Now that it's in writing, hopefully this will put it all out there so I can get back on track.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Run for the Water 10 miler :)

Morning started off a little hectic. I ignored the alarm clock until it said 6:10, and then I was in a full-on panic to get out the door. Morning nutrition only consisted of a half of a banana. Not to get graphic, but I'm not a "regular" person so I knew this would pose a problem during the race.

I found my Dee and Clemmie, got my kiss from my honey, and was off to the start. I parked downtown, so I had no warm up. Clemmie and I started off, and the pace felt pushed. Mile 1, 8:50. Goal was MGP, but in reality, I was just aiming to PR and stay relaxed. I didn't want to push too hard, for fear that I would leave my race here in Austin instead of taking it with me to Cali. The hills felt fine. It's so nice to be able to actually "charge" them and feel ok on the top. I passed a ton of people. Clemmie left me after mile 2. I couldn't feel the MGP, and that was my fault for not warming up. I looked for her, but she was too much for me. I'm soooo excited to have her to chase, she's good for me.

I saw Geezer running backwards on the race course and he shouted for me. I saw Mike, Tausha and Bruce and I got a couple "Kill them!!" which made me smile because the people around me looked a little startled. I felt good on the flats and downhills and my small shoes (Thanks Katie) felt back to normal. I didn't hit my MGP, and had to stop at the port o potty after mile 7. According to my Garmin, I averaged 8:57's, good enough for me. Here are my race stats...

Official Chip Time: 1:30:17 9:02/m
Garmin minus poop: 1:29 8:57/m
Age group: 39/97 top 40%
Overall: 657/1330 top 49%

Super happy. Last year and every year before I was never anywhere near close to beating 50%. This year, I'm doing it. With this time, I ran it conservatively and PR'ed by 7 minutes and 24 seconds. Not too shabby, I'm proud of myself. Good day.

As for the boyfriend, he amazes me. He went into the race with a goal of 1:15 to 1:20 and he smoked it. He ran a 1:09. He averaged a freaking 6:56/m. Crazy. I'd give anything to be as fast as Tausha or Mandi and be able to race with him. Maybe one day, maybe 2012 I'll be that fast, hahaha. Team Rogue has worked, so I can only dream what Team Rogue II will do for me, or better yet what Team Rogue III will do. He finished 2oth in his age group and 111th overall. Top 9%, wow, and all of this after a Saturday workout of 56 mile bike ride, and 4 mile run in 3:21. He trains under Brandon Marsh and he's got a crazy training schedule!! That's my boyfriend. 10 years ago, he was told he might not ever walk, and now he's a freaking freak of nature, and he's all mine :)

Friday, November 7, 2008


So, a couple months ago, I went into Rogue to buy some shoes. I found some Mizuno's that I liked, after trying a ton of them on. My regular shoe size is a 6.5, so I always buy 7.5. I bought two pair and the last pair is just over 300 miles.

I went this past Sunday to get some more, and when I tried them on, they felt tight. Joe looked and thought it was peculiar too, so I bought 8's. I ran in them on Tuesday, and Wednesday and both runs I could feel pain in the outside of my foot and a wierd cramping pain in my calf. Not good. So I asked Ruth, and she said to wear my old shoes. I showed up last night in my old shoes and lo and behold, they felt tight too. Ruth looked at my feet while standing and could instantly notice my shoes were too small for my feet. How in the world have I been doing my entire Team Rogue training in shoes that were too small???? I'm beyond retarded. My old shoes felt comfy, yet snug. I'm freaking out a little, because it's 30 days away from the marathon and I don't have shoes that are comfortable for me. I wish I would have bought three pairs at my original visit, now I don't know what to do.

I'm going to see if Rogue will let me exchange for the smaller size since that's what my foot is used to, and will work out finding the right shoe AFTER CIM. How in the world could I be such a doof??

Ruth asked if I got hot spots, I said, "Yeah." Ruth asked if I got blisters, I said, "Yeah." She said all signs that you're shoe is too small. I just thought all runners had those problems so didnt' think anything of it.

I think my foot grew... I'm only 31, ya know... I am still growing...

4 mile tem-poop

Time: 6:00pm
Location: Travis Country
Weather: We bit chilly!
Workout: 2 mile warm up, 4 mile at HMGP, 2 mile cool down
Comments: Traffic was awful. I work at Congress and 1st and it took me almost 45 minutes to get from Mopac at 1st street down to SW Parkway, yuck! We started the run, and I had my Garmin, but like the others, I couldnt' see a darn thing when we were running. I would occasionally glance at it under a street light, but it was really useless until the end to see what we already did.

Clemmie and I took off, and immediately I could tell we were running a tad slow, but I already felt pushed, so told Clemmie to run on, and that I would chase her. Dee soon passed me within the first mile and my mission was to hang on to them. I missed the Lab workout two weekends ago so this was new territory for me. I could feel I was going slower, but couldn't get in the groove of things. I chased Dee who was chasing Clemmie for 3 miles and I was gaining ground until around mile 3. ***This might be TMI*** At mile 2, I tooted. And then I tooted again. I was wishing that Dee was by me, because she knows me better than anyone and knows I can't toot while I run. I always stop to toot, when I toot. I thought I felt better, until mile 3 and I came to a hobbling screeching halt. I had to make an emergency dash to the park. Thank goodness it was dark because I didn't make it very far into the bushes. I had to do a number 3, that's 2+1. Sorry for the details, but figured I needed to remember this for future tempo runs :)

Afterwards, I felt better and just finished my last mile. I didn't hit anywhere near my HMGP, but just chalked it up to having a not so good day. No worries.

Kinda nervous about the race this weekend, but looking forward to it.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Billy Goat Run

Time: 5:30pm
People: Lori, Dee, and I
Location: Lake Austin Blvd
Route: First few miles of the 10 miler route
Weather: Perfect
Distance: 5 miles
Comments: Dee thought it would be a good idea to run part of the race course for Sunday. We started at the Randalls and instantly started climbing up Exposition. I'd have to say the route we took was pretty hilly, so I'm glad that I'm not racing it. MGP seems a little scary, but with the down hills and the flats towards the end, I'm pretty positive about hitting it. Even if I run MGP for the 10 miles, I'll have a 10 minutes PR over my best 10 miler time. I didnt' run it in 2007, but I ran it three years in a row preceeding that. Best time was in 2005.

Hills didn't feel as bad as I was anticipating and it was a good confidence run for me from my lack of energy weeks. I could keep up with Dee and Lori with no problem and felt good about that. I started documenting my nutrition again, because I had fallen off the wagon. What started with one Halloween piece of candy snowballed into small bags of peanut M&M's again. So I'm back to making the right decisions and Meredith was 100% in the right when she told me to not screw up all my hard work in the last 30 days. She's right. I have control over what I stuff in my mouth and I need to use that to my advantage.

Looking forward to chasing Clemmie tonight :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday Workout

Time: 5:45pm
Weather: Perfect
Location: East side track
Workout: 20 x 200's, recovery across field
People: Clemmie, Dee and I
Comments: Yikes. I missed the actual burn workout last week because of my "energy" problems. I'm back to normal, but this was a good one for me. Here are our splits. We all three ran together, which for me might have been a mistake. I'm usually very good at pacing but tonight, I could never feel the groove.

1) 56
2) 59
3) 58
4) 57
5) 55
6) 58
7) 56
8) 55
9) 59
10) 58
11) 56
13) 53
14) 58
15) 57
16) 58
17) 56
18) 54
19) 56
20) 48

My goal was 57, Dee and Clemmie were 59. We were all over the place. I'm looking forward to the 10 miler. I'm only going to run MGP for it instead of racing because I missed the lab workout. If I do just that, which I have all the confidence in the world that I can do, then I'll PR by 10 minutes. Wow!

Next up: Wednesday's Cookie run :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend Recap - What a nice one...

Saturday's run was a pretty good confidence booster for me. Not because I ran fast (22 miles at 10:35 pace), but just for the plain simple fact that I got my miles in without feeling like dog poop. Pace was on the slow end, but who cares. My coach told me my objective was to get the miles in as comfortable as I could, and that's what I did. It was soooo nice to run with Lori, Linda, Clemmie, Cheryl and Dee. Good company, good conversation. I did fall at mile 2 or 3 and banged up my knee, but I'm ok. I just need to learn to pick up my feet...

After the run, we did the commercial shoot. Fun, but I was paranoid about waiting too long to 1) eat something or take in recovery and 2) my ice bath. I'm glad I did it in the end, and super glad that when Dee fell she didn't get hurt. We are a mess together, we both fell. I went to the grocery store afterwards, then went home and proceeded to get into a cleaning frenzy which is very out of the norm for me. I normally go straight home, eat, shower, and SLEEP! Today, I had more energy, which was great. I vacuumed, swept, mopped, did a load of laundry.. then managed to take an ice bath with 10lbs of ice. I took my hot shower, got dressed and was off to my poker game.

I've been skipping my weekly poker game on Wednesday's to get my runs in. A little sacrifice, but in the end, I think it'll be worth it. The poker guys I play with give me a hard time, and every month we have a Saturday tournament, usually where the buy in is $50. They all decided that we would put on a Mini World Series of Poker, where the buy in is $100, making the pot with 30 players $3,000!!! So I was excited. Long story short, with no nap after my 22 miler, I was crashing around 5-6pm. But... I was playing awesome. Bluffing here and there, making some great calls, and even making a few reads on other players. I love poker. I made it to the final table with 5 other guys, it was midnight and I couldn't play a hand without yawning. I think the other guys were tired too, we had been playing for 10 hours. So, we all decided to split the pot. There were two no-shows, so we ended up splitting $2800 between the 6 of us. Not too bad for a Saturday of fun. I took home $470 :) The guys told me not to show up to the next game, and to go run, hahahaha!

I got to my boyfriends around 1am, and he had a special night planned. I guess he didn't think I'd last that long cause he called around 8pm asking how I was doing and I told him I was still doing pretty well so he ate dinner alone. Then I get there and there's a rose on the door, ahhhh.... then there was a dozen of them at the top of the stairs for me :) The best part, was that they were in a cycling water bottle, hahaha. Sunday, I skipped my run. We went to Rogue and I got a new pair of shoes since I'm creeping up on 300 on my current shoes. Took the dogs to the park and went on a 4 mile walk with them. Ate pizza for dinner, watched THREE movies and went to bed around 11pm. Good night, great boyfriend, awesome weekend!!