Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hawaii 2009 - Day 1, October 22nd

These next several blogs are more for Adrian and I to attempt to save all of our memories. Will be long, and I don't except many friends to read :)
We arrived in Maui, Hawaii at 3pm Hawaii time (Austin time of 8pm). I think we were still on a high from actually being there that we weren't tired from the long flight. We got off the plane and oddly enough, the people weren't too pleasant. Adrian asked one of the security guards where the oversized luggage was and he was pretty snooty with him. We were too happy to have him ruin our day. We picked up the rental car, got our luggage packed and were on our way. It smelled like poo, literally. There was a funky smell in the air. We later found out there was a sugar cane factory nearby and they smog from the manufacturing was giving off this awful smell. So our first impression of Hawaii was crappy people and stinky! The scenery looked like El Paso or Lubbock. All dead landscaping. What the heck? Where's the clear blue water and mountains of green lush???

We arrived at our cottage and it was PERFECT. We parked in the wrong spot by accident and came in the walkway and were greeted by the people that tend the estate. Extremely nice! She showed us to our cottage and took our pic and told us everything we needed to know. We quickly unpacked, showered, and went to search the nearby town for something to eat. We found a place called Paia Town Market. What an awesome little restaurant. Wait staff was awesome and the food was excellent. I ordered Mahi Mahi (first time) and Adrian got the salmon. Delicious food and the atmosphere was laid back. We walked around afterwards and realized it was the perfect little town to be next to. No hotels around, lots of tiny shops, tons of locals wandering around aimlessly, and it was just nice and cozy. We both had an awesome nights sleep. We were finally exhausted. Great first day!

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