Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday - November 10, 2009

Time: 5:15am
Duration: Not sure, Garmin died :)
Location: Rogue
Workout: 8 easy
Distance: 8 - Garmin died
Weather: Nice and cool
People: Chuck, Peter, Emily, then later Kim and Stephanie
Comments: I had set out to plan to run my Tuesday and Thursday runs with Chuck and his peeps. I think he's faster than I am right now, but want to get my dang speed back so anyone pushing me is a great thing. We started out, and it felt ok, and after about a mile, it felt pushed. Not pushed bad, but I know if I were running solo, I wouldn't be running as fast. It wasn't uncomfortable to where I couldn't do it, so I think it was perfect. They were running 10, so at around the 4 mile marker, I turned off to do 8 as they had about a mile out and back they needed to do to get to 10. Steph and Kim were at the water and I didn't think I could hang, but decided to see how long I could go without them dropping me. I made it the entire time, and felt like I was pushing a tad bit more than when I was running with previous company. Good stuff, but Thursday, I'm going to see if I can hang with Chuck and company for the entire run.

Glad to be back in it, and I'm finally shedding the Hawaii (before and during) weight so I'm hoping the speed will come back.

Yay for running!!

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StephW said...

you forgot to add in the impromtu strides you made us do. watch out for kim. she is one crazy girl. and never ever ever follow her on a run, she will get you lost.