Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hawaii 2009 - Day 2, October 23rd

Friday, October 23rd.

We had slept with ALL the windows and doors open. The night weather was perfect. It was just cool enough to use both the sheet and comforter and not be too hot or too cold. The sounds of the ocean crashing against the rocks just a few feet away was nice. We both woke up incredibly early, since our body clocks weren't set yet. Poor Adrian never really got adjusted, but I think it only took me a few days. And I'm a sleeper and he's not. We woke to a beautiful vision of the sun and the ocean.

Every morning, we'd see these people. They'd go and go and go. And really early in the morning, 6am. We leisurely got up, loaded Adrian's bike and some clothes. I took a running outfit in case I decided to run while Adrian was pre-riding the course. That was all we took. We made it to the race site. I could post pics for everything, but will put the details in our Flickr account. The hotel wasn't that spectacular, and we were happy with our decision to not stay in a hotel or condo for our trip. We decided that since it was a once in a lifetime trip, we'd go all out and find something secluded and beachfront. Our place was perfection. We were within a mile from the town of Paia, we could see the beach and walk to it within 2 minutes. The host hotel was nice, but not $350 a night nice. There was a nice atrium in the middle, but that was about it. Adrian picked up his packet, and later in the day I picked up mine for the trail race. Adrian pre-rode the course, and I decided against the run, cause I didn't want to get sweaty for whatever we were going to do for the rest of the trip. I hadn't been exercising up to this trip as it was, wasn't about to start.

Adrian pre-rode the course, and I decided to venture out to a shopping strip. I found the dress I wore to the luau, got Adrian some swim trunks (which happened to be a great idea. He wore them the entire week!) and the flower I wore in my hair the entire week, a papaya to eat for breakfast, and the coffee that Adrian's mom requested. By the time I got back, Adrian called and was done riding the course. Perfect timing!!

I picked up my trail race packet and noticed that only 5 girls were in my age group! At that moment, I had wished I had done more training and not let my base from the Ironman slip away, but figured, if I could just beat 2 out of the 5, I could finish top 3. Uh, and we all know that's NEVER happened. I was kinda excited. More to come on this later.

We left and decided to drive the West side of Maui. No plans, just playing it all by ear. We finally got to see what we were expecting. Beautiful ocean views, gorgeous views of nothing but lush green beautiful Hawaii. We stopped at all the overlook sections, took pics galore, and enjoyed the drive. We ended up going to the Maui Ocean Center and got suckered into that. We made the best of it, but it was definately NO Sea World. Very boring and a waste of money to say the least. We ate a yummy lunch at the Beach Bums Bikini Bar, and had an awesome waitress. Adrian had a wrap and I had fish tacos. During the drive, we stopped at some beach access parts and threw on our swimming goggles (yes, for pool swimming and tri's, not snorkeling goggles) and went exploring. We saw a fish. Ha! But it was fun and adventurous. I didn't have my swimsuit with me, and we stopped at one place, but just couldn't see spending $40 on a bathing suit, when I had packed 4, but they were all at the house! So I just threw on my running shorts. We stopped a few times to swim, but most of the day was driving and stopping at all the places to look at the views.

Adrian was adamant about getting the entire island to abide by his picture taking rules. When we were at the Maui Ocean Center, they had the guy standing there wanting to take your picture then charge you an arm and a leg to buy it. When he approached us, Adrian asked that he use our camera. Of course he declined, in which case Adrian grabbed the nearest couple and we exchanged pics. We took a pic of them with their camera and vice versa. We did throughout the week. Every time we'd see a couple, we'd exchange pics. Of course, everyone jumped at it, since it was a chance to get a picture together. Worked out perfectly.

We ended the night with our hoity toity dinner. We went to Mama's Fish House for dinner. Everyone I talked to beforehand and from what I read on the internet said it was the best place to go. Not so much for us. We aren't the hoity toity couple. The waiter wasn't very nice. He was pissed off he didn't get the 12 top next to us, but instead got us. You could tell in his attitude, not pleasant whatsoever. We went all out, as was our motto for the trip. Adrian ordered oysters, and 6 came out, and were the size of a nickel. Pathetic. I guess we're used to Texas sized, but he claims even the flavor wasn't even to die for. I got the popular crab and lobster filled fish, and he got a pasta dish with scallops, shrimp, and other sea creatures. When he asked to have the broth on the side, waiter cringed, but grateful that he did. The meal wasn't that great. It was good, but not $162 good. We would have rather eaten at the place we ate the night before. Too hoity toity, and the food didn't match the price tag.

Went home and to bed. This night, I couldn't sleep cause we had let some mosquitos in and they were bugging me all night. I was restless. As soon as I fell asleep, Adrian would wake up around 2-3am for his middle of the night potty. I love sleeping with him, literally :) He ALWAYS wakes up in the middle of the night. And every night he did, he'd wake me up with... "Pah-cilla." He says it just soft enough to barely wake me. "Pah-cilla... Pah-cilla.. you awake?". He says this until he wakes me, which is funny. Then we're both awake, end up cuddling and go back to sleep. Nothing sexual, just cute moments that I love. One cute way that he can tell is I'm playing possum, which I do is that he says he loves me to see if I'm awake or not. Sometimes, if I just pretend to stay asleep, he'll give up on the "Pah-cilla's" and turn over and go back to bed. But lately, he's gotten smarter and follows up the "Pah-cilla", with a "Pah-cilla... I love you." And I can't help but grin... and my cover is blown, and he sees that I'm awake. One of the things I love about us :)

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