Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wednesday, Thursday - November 10 & 11

Wednesday - decided to sleep in, ran 4 miles on a freakishly dark Town Lake trail after work. I started a tad bit late, around 5:30pm, and by the time I was making my way around, it was pitch black! Kinda spooky. No watch, no Garmin.. just me running.

Sidenote - I had to stop by Adrian's on my way home and I had the pleasure of seeing my hunka hunka husbands on the way :) Matthew, AJ, and Steve were running up Far West. I parked a few streets ahead and cheered for them. I gave Steve a special Foho "hug". Searched for Dee, but couldnt' find her. There were so many runners out, I had no clue. It was a nice ending to a good day.

Time: 5:30am
Duration: 1:53:13
Workout: 10 miles of hills
Distance: 10 on the dot
Weather: a bit chillier, low 50's
People: Chuck and Peter and later Carolyn, then alone
Comments: Eeek. Hills. I don't feel in shape for hills quite yet, so my pace was ungodly slow... but I got them in. I started out with Chuck and Peter and was doing fine until we started climbing. The hills weren't bad, but I haven't been running them so I couldnt' keep up. I got to run with Carolyn for a few miles after that. Then I turned around and this is where the fun began.

I turned around too early by accident. I didn't read the rest of the directions that said to go to Rae Dell/Arpdale. Instead, I turned around as soon as I saw Arpdale, so I was about 2 miles short. I didn't notice this until Carolyn was gone and I had already started backtracking. We were doing an out and back, which you think would be easy. I started back and was immediately lost. I ended up running where I thought we should go and couldn't help but giggle because this was the place Dee and I got lost last year. I convinced her to run all the way down to Manchaca!! It was a funny, all time moments for us. I tried to recite her phone number, cause I wasn't sure if I could find my way back. I was running on Curto del something, Cinnamon, etc. I saw a Team Rogue person and thought I was going in the right direction, but when I didn't recognize the street names, I decided to go back to Lamar and try over again. Luckily, this made up the two miles that I was short. I finally got back on track using the map portion of the directions. Got to Rogue, showered, and made it to work :)